Clarke & Co. Services

Dear Cottage Community,

We hope you and your loved ones are staying happy and healthy during these unprecedented times. In an effort to alleviate and minimize current risks, specifically due to winter activity and rising water levels, we will be providing cottage property inspections, as well as maintenance services, for the San Souci and 12 Mile Bay cottagers. See below for the basic package of services provided throughout the summer months:

General Property Inspection
Inclusive of shoreline. Determining any elements at risk due to rising water levels. The shoreline and general property will be photographed.

Review of Hydro Lines & Fallen Trees
A review of the incoming hydro service will be inspected. Any fallen trees close to cottage structures and paths will be photographed. Trees can be removed upon request

Interior Inspection
If requested, to determine any mice activity or any other vermin activity.

Additional Services
Available upon request (eg; general property maintenance and painting) *Roof will be fully accessed if it is not excessively steep and if ladder is provided on site.

A photographic survey of the property, as well as a checklist will be included in the report, and submitted to you within 24 hours of the inspection. We are also available for an onsite video call if preferred. Our minimum inspection fee is $300, inclusive of one cottage building, cabin, dock as well as the general property. Additional services, such as property maintenance, painting, dump-runs, material deliveries (firewood, etc.), are available upon request. If your property is larger in scale, we ask that you contact us for a quote.

Please do not do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or require any further information.

About Us

Daniel and Liam Clarke have been Georgian Bay cottagers for over 25 years, and are very familiar with the local waters and incredible sense of community that Sans Souci embodies. As a result of their extensive experience on the Bay, they are well adept at roof, dock and deck repairs, as well as tree removals in addition to other general maintenance services. In the past they have worked as property caretakers at the Sans Souci Community Center, as well as at Sans Souci Marina and Moon River Marina respectively. The Bay is in their blood.

Contact Information:

ŸDaniel Clarke at (416)-997-1948

ŸLiam Clarke at (416)-997-0474

Websites: Ÿ Ÿ
*This service is being offered under the guidance of Baker Street Home Inspection Services INC, and RenoLogic