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The Sans Souci and Copperhead Association (SSCA), founded in 1912, is located on Canada’s beautiful Georgian Bay between Parry Sound and Twelve Mile Bay.  It is a vibrant community of permanent and summer residents from all over the world that enjoy this special part of the Bay and want to preserve it for future generations.


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Bear Alert:

There have been multiple bear sightings at both The Lizard and American Camp islands over the past few weeks. The bears are coming to eat berries, and have so far kept their distance from humans. However, please use caution if you are visiting.

If you do encounter a bear, the best thing to do is to calmly and slowly back away, and then leave the area. If you are too close for comfort, you can talk to the bear, or make noise with any objects you have, to encourage it not to approach you. However, it is better for you to leave than to try to scare the bear away.

Please also be aware that off-leash dogs can sometimes provoke bears and lead them back to humans. Please keep your dogs on leashes or at home during this time of increased bear activity. Thanks....GBLT

SSCA Annual General Meeting will be held Oct 16th via Zoom

Due to COVID restrictions for gathering and sub-par internet connections for zoom connections, the SSCA Board decided to move the SSCA AGM to the fall. It will be held on Saturday Oct 16th via Zoom starting at 10AM. A notice of meeting will be sent to all members closer to the date.

Tom Denune
Secretary, SSCA

SSCA issues request for proposals for Bookkeeping and Directory Production Services

The SSCA has issued a request for proposals to provide bookkeeping and directory production services. Please go to here for the document and share it with anyone that you think may be interested in submitting a proposal. More information here.

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