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The Sans Souci and Copperhead Association (SSCA), founded in 1903, is located on Canada’s beautiful Georgian Bay between Parry Sound and Twelve Mile Bay.  It is a vibrant community of permanent and summer residents from all over the world that enjoy this special part of the Bay and want to preserve it for future generations.


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2019 Unaudited Financial Statements

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Fire Response and Northern 911 1-844-868-0068

As most of you know, there is no fire service in the Township of the Archipelago.  This makes fire prevention critically important and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has a FireSmart program that can help property owners prepare for the threat of wildfires - FireSmart

Despite even the best preparations, fires can happen from both human and natural causes.  In the event of a fire, early intervention can make the difference between a small problem and a catastrophic event, and we are our own first responders.  The MNRF may be able to provide fire suppression if they have the equipment available but need to prioritize their efforts to the most critical areas.  In the best-case scenario, their response time will be over 30 min.  They do not respond to structure fires.

To notify the community about an incident and serve as a single point of contact, the SSCA subscribes to a service called Northern 911.  When you call Northern 911 reporting a fire, have the following information ready:

Island Name
Island Number
GPS Coordinates (if you have it)

Northern 911 takes the following actions:

Notifies the OPP
Notifies the MNRF
Sends a text message and email to all SSCA members telling them that a fire has been reported, and the location of the fire.

This notification process enables those neighbors who are willing and able to provide an early response while the fire is still small. It also provides an early communication should you need to take steps to protect your own property. Importantly, participation is completely voluntary and should only be done if you have the right equipment such as a portable fire pump and know how to use it.  Structure fires are highly dangerous and fighting a structure fire should not be attempted by a volunteer.

Because of the technology employed by Northern 911, they are only able to send messages to known cell phone numbers.  Many members may have listed their cell phone number as their cottage number and left the cell number blank.  If that applies to you and you wish to receive the text notifications, please email me your cell number you would like to use.  We recognize that some members may not wish to be notified.  If that is the case, please send me an email to the address below.

Northern 911 also has protocols for other emergencies, including medical emergencies.  In the case of a medical emergency, it may be easier to call 9-1-1 directly in which case you will be connected to the OPP dispatch who will coordinate the response.  I encourage everyone to record the Northern 911 number in your phone contacts so that you always have it handy.


Jason Drysdale


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