Property Update – Aug 15th, 2019

Schoolhouse Classroom Closures –
Due to safety concerns for people accessing the Schoolhouse Classroom and Library after hours when there’s no supervision, we are closing the Schoolhouse Classroom area daily outside of Day Camp hours during the week.  On the weekends, the Classroom will be open between 10am and 3pm.  Washrooms in the Schoolhouse will be available at all times.
Should you need access to the classroom area outside of the Day Camp hours, this can be arranged by reaching out to Michael Ugarenko or Eric Armour.


Fitness Building Update –
We want to let you know that new stairs and a ramp way are now complete at the Fitness Centre.  The old deck was severely damaged after a tree fell on it this past spring and had to be removed.  Now, members who use this facility have a safe entrance to the Centre.  In addition, an active group of members are in the process of removing broken equipment from the Fitness Centre.  Any member who would like to help should speak to our caretaker, Liam Clarke who would appreciate your assistance.


Other Property Updates –
Packing up of the Dock House contents is well under way.  Later in September, we will be offering our used refrigerators to any members who would like them and can pick them up on their own. We’ll announce the specifics in September.
We want to alert people who enjoy a swim after a good round of Pickle Ball etc. that there is a healthy population of zebra mussels on the lake bed in our swim area.  Please be advised not to push off from the lake bottom due to the risk of being cut if you swim here.
Lastly, people will notice some orange flags in the ground. These areas are to be avoided since they indicate Poison Ivy or some other threat!


Chair,  Property Committee