Property Update – December, 2019



This fall saw the demolition and removal of the condemned Dock House at the SSCA Community Centre. (Click to see a photo).   The land surrounding where the Dock House was, is now cleared.  The existing footprint of the Dock House is safe and ready for next season.   Land that was disturbed has been graded back to how it was and is ready for seeding in the spring. There is a small area of water where the building once was.  This will be addressed in the spring for safety reasons.
We have also purchased and installed a recycled sea container behind the south side of the Schoolhouse. This will be painted a forest green in the spring so that it will blend into the background. We will be storing all the items that are now stored in the Schoolhouse in this container. Thus, allowing the space in the schoolhouse to return to its original configuration.
We are looking into staffing for next season. We are in talks with a possible caretaker and with summer student staff.
Finally, in the new year, I am reconvening the Property Committee so that the next steps for the Association property can be developed for the Board then membership to reflect on.
Chair,  Property Committee