SSTC Weekly Newsletter – Fri. May 31

Property Update:
This season as water level on the Bay test historical highs, docks at the SSCA property are suffering the same problems many of us are experiencing at our own properties.
Currently SSCA staff along with local contractors, are working to limit damage and reset the north dock system by extending the anchoring chains. The south dock system will remain out of commission until an assessment can be made of their usefulness this season as water may soon be over the fixed dock along the shoreline.
For the present time, we’ll have to get a bit more exercise walking to the courts from the north docks.
Hopefully washrooms will be operational by this weekend. However, the drinking water will not be available as the purification system is not capable of dealing with this year’s turbid water. For the short term, bottled water fountains will be installed at the SSCA property until a permanent system can be installed.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Reminder – Clothing and Gear Orders
The apparel and gear for 2019 is here! This year, we have a variety of different tops, hats, water bottles, and tote bags for picnics! All of the clothing materials are made of a high-tech sweat wicking/cooling fabric. This is the most ideal for our hot tennis courts this summer.
Sample sizes at the Love All Tournament (another reason to join or pop by) for people to try on & possibly have some at her cottage. She has noted the following:
  • The jackets do run a little small, so order up one size.
  • The long sleeve tops fit normally.
  • The t-shirts fits normally, but also depends on how personal fit preference.
All orders are to go to Nancy at
***PAYMENT is to go to***
***Please state the items that you are ordering in the “Message” section of your E-transfer or “Memo” for Cheque
  • E-transfers, cash, or cheque accepted the Love All & through email
  • E-transfer password: tennisclothing
  • No orders will be placed without payment in full
  • All orders must be in by July 7th
  • Delivery will be approximately 2-3 weeks later
(This will open a new webpage)
Reminders for Tournaments & Socials:
1. Annual Love All Tournament:
  • Date: Saturday, June 22nd, 2019.
  • To sign up for this awesome event, please send an email to either or both of:
John Hayes –
Ray Murakami –
2. Sign up for the Annual Summer Tennis Tournament
3. Annual Opening Tennis Social:
  • Date: Saturday, July 6th at 5:00PM
  • Come celebrate 25 years of spectacular tennis at the Dock House! This will be a throw back to the 1994 beginning where you can sign up to bring a side or dessert. The club will be funding and cooking the main course.
  • Please sign up for what you are bringing at:
4. Call Out For Pointe Au Baril Tournament:
  •   It’s time to battle it out again against the Pointe Au Baril Tennis Club. This will take place on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019.
  •  If you are interested, please connect with Brian Chapman at
Don’t Forget to Pay Your Dues!
Payment Options:
Your annual membership fee is $350 per membership and is due by June 30th 2019.  If payment is not received by June 30 – the fee increases to $500. Our Treasurer, Greg Cunningham, is pleased to offer different payment options for your convenience.
The preferred methods for paying for tennis club items are as follows:
• First – Interac bank transfer from your bank. This has the lowest fees to keep costs low. No password is required anymore. Reference your member first and last name in the email. Please email the transfer to the Treasurer at
• Second – Credit card payments. This option has higher fees, which are added to the member price. Go to the website at and select ‘Dues payment’ from the ‘Tennis’ drop down menu.
• Last resort – Cheques are payable to Sans Souci Tennis Club. They can be mailed to the Treasurer Greg Cunningham at 24 Kingsgarden Rd, Etobicoke, ON, M8X 1S6. Please email Greg at when you mail a check, so he knows to look for it.
Note that in accordance with our bylaws, your membership could be forfeited if you have not paid your annual dues by July 1st the following year.
Reminder: Your SSCA membership dues must also be paid yearly in conjunction with being a SSTC member.
For those of you wishing to contribute to future newsletters you can reach Meagan (Communications) at
Thank you,
SSTC Committee