SSTC – Important Notice of New Social Membership Classification

Important Notice of
New Social Membership Classification
At the 2019 Annual General Meeting, held August 10, 2019, the general opinion of the attending members was that: currently courts were under utilized, and that the Club should seek out options to increase use by adding more active memberships.
Given that the current maximum number of 110 memberships is prescribed within Club By-Laws, and that any change would require a Special Meeting of the Membership with majority approval, the Board of Directors is first seeking an alternative to membership increase by introducing a Social Membership, as an option to free up potentially inactive memberships for new applicants.
As approved by the Board, the special status of Social Membership allows resigned members of the Club to retain their social contact within the Club while surrendering their normal Membership along with the associated court booking privileges.
In short the Social Membership status requires a regular Member to first resign their position within the club, retain their SSCA membership, and pay a one time administrative fee of $50 to continue to receive all communications from the Club, and be invited to all social events of the Club (currently Opening Social, Ladies’ and/or Gentlemen’s Closing Socials).
Please note that this membership is an option designed solely for members who find they no longer have interest or ability within their family to continue with court play, as any resignation from the Club is irrevocable.
If you feel this option may be of interest for you, or for more information, please email or call Nancy Bowen , Graeme Scott or Tom Blackett.
Remember to Pay SSCA Dues:
Online payment is easy and lowers your SSCA’s administration costs. To make an online payment, go to the SSCA web-site membership page ( and follow the login steps to view/edit your membership profile and to submit your dues payment(s).
While administratively more costly, annual dues can be paid by mailing a cheque with this form to:
c/o Sue Anderson, Permanent Secretary
561 Avenue Road, Suite 206, Toronto, Ontario M4V 2J8
Include any changes to your contact information.
Looking To Get Ahold of Someone?
If you sign into the San Souci Copperhead Association website. You have access to a Members List which holds phone numbers and email addresses. Members have a tennis racquet beside their name.
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SSTC Committee