SSCA Property

April 23 – The late November storm last year on Georgian Bay and the quick spring ice retreat caused much damage to the shoreline decking and floating finger docks at the SSCA property. The finger docks closest to Henry’s have taken on water and are not stable or safe for use. So we ask members to not anchor there. Further, areas of the shore deck are not safe as they have lost supports and should not be walked on. We will be putting up caution tape in these areas. The front edge of the stone patio covered by decking in front of the old Dock House has crumbled. It may be unsafe, so please keep back one metre from the front edge. We hope to have it repaired soon. The large stone monument to La Salle is unstable and not safe to approach. Please stay away until the repair is completed and warning signs removed
Presently, the ramp way to the shoreline decking is attached and secure. Dock anchor chains have been adjusted to reflect the present water level. This May, there will be maintenance to the pathway by the lower and upper tennis courts. We have also found damage to the boathouse structure and dock platform, which was attached to it.
The schoolhouse washrooms and fitness building will be cleaned and open for the May long weekend. The sports courts will be available for use by that date or sooner. We will post on the SSCA web site confirmation of this several days in advance of the long weekend.
Michael Ugarenko
SSCA Property Committee Chair