Making changes to contact information in SSCA Directory and joining the Facebook page

The content of the Directory is populated by using the member information on the SSCA website ( To make changes to information that will appear in future Directories, please login to your member profile page, click on ‘Edit profile and make payments’ in the top right corner and make the edits.  Don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page when you’re finished!
A refresher on how to login to a member profile page on the SSCA website is available in an earlier post under Latest News in the Communications.
The SSCA Facebook page is a Private Group page restricted to members of the SSCA where members discuss local issues, ask for advice, post items they have for sale/are looking for and employment opportunities. To join, navigate from your Facebook account to SSCA Georgian Bay and click ‘Join Group’ to send in a request.  The current SSCA Directory is consulted before a request is answered so it may take a few days for a reply. It’s a great way to keep connected to the SSCA community so please join if you haven’t already