Sans Souci Tennis Club COVID -19 Recommendations

Dear Tennis Member,

We are definitely living in difficult times and we sincerely hope that you and your families are all well and doing your utmost to avoid contracting this terrible virus.

Although there are no specific studies on tennis and the coronavirus, some medical advisors believe there is the possibility that this virus could be transmitted through common sharing and handling of tennis balls, gate handles, chairs, water coolers and even court surfaces.

The board and I are afraid that we all need to take a collective pause from playing our much beloved game of tennis on the Bay at this time. We will inform you if and when not only the courts, but the SSCA community property will be open this season. Please be advised that the SSCA board has closed its property and facilities until further notice.

Your recent SSTC newsletter had a long list of social events. Please consider them all postponed at this time. We will keep you all posted if any of them can be rescheduled as we move through the summer season.

We are asking you all to please PAY your SSTC DUES for the season. Our thinking is, we still need to pay for taxes and some expenses for this season. Should the season be a complete bust, then an adjustment for the following season can be considered at a later date.

Therefore, the SSTC board asks that you be patient and understand that we have closed our courts and pavilion at this time. We ask everyone NOT attempt to even use the property in any way, and consider how this may affect not only yourselves, but the community at large.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to stay active and healthy with home exercise and creative ‘tennis at home’ variations.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Nancy Bowen

President, SSTC