Sport Court

The Sport Court is open for pickleball and basketball until after Thanksgiving.

Sturdier pickleball nets on wheels that lock have been purchased so basketball players can now easily roll the nets to the side.

For the 2020 season the schedule will be as follows:
  • Pickleball will be from noon and 3p.m. to 6p.m.
  • Basketball will be from noon to 3p.m. and after 6p.m.
  • From 3 to 6p.m. there will be drop-in pickleball play. No need to sign up or have a partner- just arrive and get in line. At this time, when there are fewer cottagers, it may be wise to bring a partner.

REMINDER: Clean soled tennis shoes only.

Four strong players can choose to play with each other and weaker players may do the same. Generally, pickleball players are polite and helpful and willing to give instructions to new players so new players are most welcome.

If people are waiting, please limit your time to 30 minutes. Or at pickleball time , play your game to 11 points and leave the court and get back in line.

At any time, if the courts are free, you may play either pickleball or basketball.
Due to Covid-19:
  • You must bring your own paddles and balls and sanitizers.
  • Sanitize your hands and equipment before and after use.
  • Maintain social distancing while waiting for a court.
  • Sanitize the gates before and after your play.
Thanks to generous donations from the Sans Souci Copperhead cottage community, there are no user fees for the Sport Court.