Property News

The harsh winter and high water created issues, from uprooted trees on power lines to severely damaged docks, on the S.S.C.A. Property this year.  However, we managed to get things open and cleaned up. Despite the rain and cool temperatures, the use of the facilities has been high. The Pickle Ball courts, in particular, are a great hit.  Here are the main challenges we have faced.

North docks – wintered well but the high water put tremendous strain on them so the chains had to be cut and extension chains added to relieve the pressure. They are now in good shape. Also, the ramp that connects the shore to these docks had severe damage and required repair.

Tennis docks – have been closed for our safety. After numerous consultations, only one of the 4 docks is salvageable. The others are scrap. However, the disposal of these docks presents some challenges due to the materials used in their construction. I will be working with the Township of The Archipelago to see if they will accept the dismantled material from us. I am also working with our local contractors to arrange transportation of the dismantled docks. Unfortunately, this is not inexpensive.

I am waiting for a quote for repairing the steel tennis dock to see if it is worth doing given the age of the dock. The ever-increasing high water levels may make any fix unworkable. The platform that these docks attach to is badly worn and at times under water. We may have to make do with the northern docks this year as a fix for the south docks is certainly going to take time.

Water purification system – the system has failed due to a number of reasons. This is very expensive to repair/replace so 4 office-type coolers that accommodate a large bottle of water have been purchased and will be set up around the Property.  One will be located at each of these sites- the Brand Cottage, the tennis courts, in the Schoolhouse and in the Dock House. Staff will ensure a good supply of water is on hand for personal consumption. However, everyone is encouraged to bring their own drinking water.

Washrooms – all are now working after a number of repairs. However, the high water is threatening part of our system and will be monitored closely. Please look for signs which may be posted if problems arise. Further, please report any concerns directly to me or to the caretaking staff and they will pass it along to me.

I understand that many of our members are also struggling with this high water. As well, our contractors are extremely busy trying to help all their customers. This extends repair times so we must have extra patience.  All the caretaking staff is working hard to provide a safe, clean property for us to enjoy this season.

See you on the Bay,

Michael Ugarenko

Director/Property Chair S.S.C.A.