2020 Art Show

Announcing this year’s extra special Sans Souci Virtual Art Show! This year instead of our usual judged show, the Art Show took the form of a virtual art gallery for all to appreciate and celebrate!  Georgian Bay themed categories included:  Painting;  Drawing;  Crafts and  Photography and the submissions were posted by category and age.              Katherine Denune  (kdenune2@gmail.com).

This year’s art show is dedicated to Nancy Powis, whose creativity and passion inspired so many of us to notice and appreciate the natural artwork around us.


‘Sunset over Perdue’ by Bert Liverance (18+)

‘Max’ Whaler’ by Hadley Michael (age 13)

‘Turtle’ by Brynn Caldwell (age 8)

‘Granite Cove’ by Isabel Treichel (18+)

‘Summer Flight’ by Isabel Treichel (18+)

‘Frog Haven’ by Wendy A. Cliff (18+)

‘Walking O’Donnell’ by Dawn Drayton (18+)

‘Homage to Ed’ by Dawn Drayton (18+)

‘Ed’s Suggestion’ by Dawn Drayton (18+)

‘Rocky Shore’ by Sass Braun (18+)

‘Untitled’ by Evelyn Dingman (age 7)

‘Speedboat’ by Isaac Dingman (age 10)

‘Wreck Island Pine’ by Michael Ugarenko (18+)

‘My Favorite Flower’ by Kyle Kafleur (age 16)

‘The Wasp’ by Paula Feldman (18+)

‘A River Runs Through It’ by Hana Loewen (age 9)

‘Sunset Pine’ by Xavier Masri (age 10)

‘Lone Georgian Bay Pine’ by Tobias Loewen (age 11)

‘Wispy Clouds on Georgian Bay’ by Felix Masri (age 10)

‘Silver Pine Sunset’ by Mira Masri (age 12)

‘Fox’ by Janet Ross (18+)

‘Untitled’ by Janet Ross (18+)

‘Mrs. Chickie’ by Charlotte Edwards (age 6)

‘Sunset Point’ by Jennifer Bowen (18+)



‘Tall Ship’ by Andrea Caldwell (18+)

‘Massie’ by Kayla Martin (18+)

‘Whip-poor-will’ by Kayla Martin (18+)

‘Cottage Bear Story Time’ by Ben Denune (age 6)

‘Hungry Monarch’ by Katherine Denune (18+)


‘Goldfinch’ by Teresa Long (18+)

“Monarch Caterpillar’ by Teresa Long (18+)

‘Spotted Turtle’ by Teresa Long (18+)

‘Snapping Turtle’ by Katherine Denune

‘Kildeer’ by Katherine Denune (18+)

‘Chickadee’ by Katherine Denune (18+)

Family Fish and Dragonfly Tic-tac-toe by the Aitkens-Galberg family

Family insect decorated candle holders from a fallen tree by Aitken-Galberg family

‘B407 Quilt’ by Ruth Gillis (18+)

Key Chain by Tracey Boshdayosgaykwe (18+)

‘Summer Pond’ by Vicki Phillips (18+)

‘O Canada’ by Vicki Phillips (18+)

‘Twigtic’ by Ann Johnston (18+)

‘Tree’ by Madeline Edwards (age 4)

‘Witch of the Bay’ by Christine Ugarenko (18+)

‘Chipmunk Hut’ by Isla Sloss (age 9)


‘Moonlight’ by Michele Mcgrath (18+)

‘Chippie’ by Madison Ledsham (age 16)

‘Coming in for the Night’ by Madison Ledsham (age 16)

‘Flowerpot Island’ by Madison Ledsham (age 16)

‘Summer Sun’ by Madison Ledsham (age 16)

‘Spider Bay Sunset’ by Madison Ledsham (age 16)

‘Cottage Life’ by Tara Galberg (18+)

‘El Refugio Sunset’ by Tara Galberg (18+)

‘Friendly Fox’ by Sarah Facey (18+)

‘Sunset Reflection’ by Sarah Facey (18+)

‘Eastern Tiger Swallowtail’ by Katherine Denune (18+)

‘Georgian Bay Shoreline’ by Nancy Westaway (18+)

‘Berry Beautiful’ by Kristin Allington (18+)

‘Fairy Mushrooms’ by Kristin Allington (18+)

‘Wreck Island Rest Spot’ by Kristin Allington (18+)

‘Wreck Island Rocks’ by Kristin Allington (18+)

‘The Second Red’ by Sass Braun (18+)

‘Western Sisters’ by Sass Braun (18+)

‘Foggy Pines’ by Sue Graham (18+)

‘In Flight’ by Sue Graham (18+)

‘Reflections’ by Sue Graham (18+)

‘Tricks are for Kids’ by Janet Ross (18+)

‘Tip of the Island Pine’ by Mira Masri (age 12)

‘Three’s Company’ by Xavier Masri (age 10)

‘Sun Soaked Sunset’ by Felix Masri (age 10)

‘Domino at the Boulevard’ by Natalie Masri (18+)

‘Spider Bay Campfire’ by Sue Graham (18+)

‘Beneath the Moon and Under the Sun’ by Elena Wieland (age 9)

‘Seagull Tongue’ by Barbara Nettleton (18+)

‘Catching Dragonflies’ by Barbara Nettleton (18+)

‘Catching Dragonflies 2’ by Barbara Nettleton (18+)

‘Precambrian Shoreline’ by Barbara Nettleton (18+)

‘Captain Raven’ by Tom Denune (18+)

‘Double Rainbow’ by Teresa Long (18+)



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