Opening Weekend Important Update 2020

Dear SSTC Member,
Please find attached the revised “ Strict Rules and Suggested Rules ”.  This document will be also found on the web site and will be posted at the courts.  We ask you to please read these guidelines before you book any games, and abide by them for everyone’s safety and comfort this summer. You will see that we are only allowing doubles play for families who have been isolating together. Doubles with other households will only be permitted when we have been advised that it is safe to do so. Singles play with individuals outside of your household is permitted.
We will be opening the courts tomorrow,  Saturday May 23 . Thank you very much to the Deck family for their efforts in blowing the courts of in preparation.
You  must  book your court with GIGA sports to be able to play.  Remember, no drop in tennis is allowed. Please pay close attention to future emails for updates. This is a developing situation and our guidelines are likely to change.
Booking Changes:
·         Only courts 1 and 3 are currently open
·         Please  only  book for  one hour  per family membership, you must  manually change  this on GIGA as it defaults to 2 hours.
·         Please limit play for the first few weeks to 3 times a week especially in the morning.
We understand that these are stressful times. My best advice is to use common sense and good judgement. The goal here is to get as many people out playing during this slow roll out especially in the morning times. That is why we are suggestion we share the courts with a few courtesies.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation and patience as we get the summer season off to a successful safe start.
Nancy Bowen
SSTC Strict Rules & Suggested Rules