Mid-July Newsletter

SSTC Tournament 2021
SSTC tournament matches are well underway and everyone is enjoying analyzing the tournament match-ups, sizing up future opponents, having fun competitions and lots of laughs along the way. For all our members competing, please remember at the end of your match to indicate the winners on the draw sheet posted in the glass display board located on the upper tennis courts. If you are the team moving ahead, please check the draw sheet in the display case for who your next opponents will be and schedule your match by the date indicated.
Many thanks to all our members who registered for the 2021 club tournament!! After a year away from tournament play there was a great response!! 2021 will be the largest Singles Tournament the club has ever had and we have some of the largest Doubles tournament draws as well! We are delighted by the participation! The tournaments continue to be a wonderful way to renew acquaintances and meet new people.
The final matches are planed to be played August 28th & 29th – always a fun time to get the club membership out to cheer on our finalists. More details will be communicated closer to finals weekend.
Good luck to all our tournament participants and have fun!!
For those members participating in the tournament here are a few reminders of the rules.
1. You are responsible for booking your own matches. Please communicate with your partner and opponents to schedule. The email addresses can be found in this email, phone numbers & emails in the SSCA 2021 Member Directory recently mailed to you, and behind the login on the SSCA web site.
2. Matches are to be played by the dates indicated in the top column of each round. If you cannot schedule your match by that date, please contact Jackie or John and we will work towards an accommodation. If that’s not possible, one side will default to keep the tournament timing on track.
3. There are no substitutions of partners after the first match has been played. If one of your team is injured before your first round match is played we will look for a substitute for you. If one of you is unavailable after the first round, your team will withdraw from the tournament.
4. Matches are best 2 out of 3 sets. Tiebreakers are played at 6-6 with the first team to reach 7 points and hold a 2 point advantage declared the winner of a set.
5. If you have any questions or concerns please contact John Hayes (jhayes@rogers.com) or Jackie Campbell (jackieanncampbell@gmail.com).
Thank You To Our Pros For Year 8:
Another pro week is in the books! We hope that everyone was able to take advantage of having Tom, Sean, and Ethan’s expertise by participating in the clinics and private lessons. The weather was not always in our favour, but we are truly lucky to have access to their knowledge and fingers crossed, improve our game!
We even have some photo proof of a group of keen players who got out in some of the more sketchy weather with Tom and Sean for a clinic.
If you have not paid for your clinics/lessons, here is a reminder of the costs. You can e-transfer directly to kerntennis@gmail.com through your online banking.
  • Adult clinics are $45.20 (incl HST) per clinic.
  • Private lessons are $79.10 (incl HST) per hour.
  • Junior Clinics are $22.60 (incl HST)
Annual General Meeting 2021
More information will be coming soon about our upcoming AGM for August 2021.
Tennis Booking Reminders:
  • Guests are allowed to play with a member
  • When booking, please do not use “Hold” when booking for 2 hours.
  • One hour of tennis per membership per day
·      The link for the court booking system is
·      It is also available from the SSCA web site at www.ssca.info
·      Your user name and password is the same as last year. If you have lost your password, you can email a request for your password to Susan O’Reilly
For those of you wishing to contribute to future newsletters you can reach Meagan (Communications) at meagan.blackett@gmail.com
All 2021 Newsletters and Events are also posted on the SSCA website under the Tennis Tab:
Tennis Committee 2021
Nancy Bowen – President
Graeme Scott – Vice President
Tom Blackett – Past President
Greg Cunningham – Treasurer
Susan O’Reilly – Secretary
John Weir – Property & Maintenance
Leslie Hayes – SSCA Liaison
Meagan Blackett – Communications
Ernie Kovacs – Member-At-Large