January 11 Water Levels Report

From the GBA…

Unseasonably warm temperatures came to an abrupt halt this week as temperatures across the Great Lakes Basin dropped from as much as 20 degrees above normal to below average when a cold front moved through the basin mid-week.

The water level on Lake Michigan-Huron is about the same as a month ago, is higher than it’s level a year ago, and is expected to decline by 1 inch over the next month.

Lake Superior’s outflow through the St. Mary’s River is predicted to be above average in January. Lake Michigan-Huron’s outflow into the St. Clair River and the outflow of Lake St. Clair through the Detroit River are projected to be above average.

Please note that our usual graph from USACE is not available this week, due to the continued US government shutdown. The one below does 

Due to the continued US government shutdown, NOAA satellite images are still unavailable.

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Rupert Kindersley
GBA Executive Director