GBF – answers questions asked at the 2019 AGM

There were several questions at the AGM that Heather Sargeant, Communications Director, GBF, wanted to make sure she got back to members about. They were essentially around:

  1. Questions on the filter for washing machines. (How to get it etc.) (page 1 and 2)
  2. Septics are a source of microplastics into the environment. A student scientist, Lindsay Cass, explains why septics can be a source of microplastics, which filters could help to solve. (page 2- 5)
  3. Human Health and microplastics – much to work out. Some further information on the challenges scientists are working to solve in order to determine the health impacts of microplastics to human health. (5-7)
  4. Water levels – extreme ups and downs and climate – a short explanation from David Sweetnam, Executive Director of Georgian Bay Forever. (page 7-8)

Here is a presentation with the answers to above included – here

If she hasn’t answer a question, she ask that you reach out to her at the contact information below.


Heather Sargeant, Communications Director
Georgian Bay Forever
PO Box 75347, Leslie St, Toronto, ON  M4M 1B3
905-880-4945 ext 4 |