2012 Annual General Meeting

SSCA AGM-July 28, 2012

Directors Present: Bert Liverance, Barb Cerny, Sue Herbold, Paul Treichel, , Eric Armour, Fred Schweitzer, Peter Storms, Gregg Scott

Absent: Chris Goulding, Craig Losos, Nancy Powis, Helen Notzl, Stuart Hatcher, Carolyn Singer, Natalie Scott, David Ashley

SSCA Advisory Board present : John Seagram, Bill McNeill, Sandy Phillips, Ted Christie, John Pepperell, Penny Pepperell, Bob Lee, Sandy Boyd

Absent: Rupert Kindersley


  1. Minutes Approved – last year’s AGM ( July 23, 2011)


  1. Treasurers Report


  1. Property


  1. Environment


  1. Communications


  1. Membership


  1. Fire and Safety


  1. Programs

Natalie Scott was away however all running smoothly


  1. Nominating Committee


  1. Committees


  1. Ward 4

Penny Pepperell chaired ad hoc committee last year to assess how the SSCA should deal with municipal election candidates.

The committee recommended :

:Municipal election in two years • If you are thinking about running contact pennypepperell@ rogers.com


  1. ToA

Ted Christie provided the following information:


  1. Remy Leblanc– collection took place to help replace $1800 in lost ice cream from boat accident ( eblast to all SSCA members to follow)


  1. Other


Motion carried to close the July 28th, 2012 AGM.


2012 Finacial Statement