BAYFlix Watch Suggestions from GBF

   Water Levels

  1. Water Levels 101. There are at least 13 complex drivers of water levels that fall under hydrologic, geomorphic, and regulatory categories. Get an overview of 80% of these factors in GBF’s David Sweetnam’s widely acclaimed recorded webinar: Water Levels, What’s Going On? 1 hour.

Building resiliency into your property for the new realities

  1. Climate change effects overview (12 minutes). GBF’s Executive Director David Sweetnam provides an overview of emerging trends due to climate change. rTrq_MI5AzA
  2. Ideas on building resiliency into your property for the new realities (15 min). GBF’s Executive Director David Sweetnam discusses some ideas on what to explore for your property’s resilience.

Microwaste (Microfibres/plastic)

1. In this 1- hour webinar video recording, GBF’s Brooke Harrison (Divert and Capture Coordinator) and University of Toronto researchers discuss the latest on microfibre pollution effects and provide an update on GBF’s Parry Sound washing machine filter study.