AGM Information

Message From the President:
Dear SSTC members:
Please find attached the AGM package for our Saturday November 7th meeting at 10:30AM. Included in the package is the agenda and the proxy. If you are unable to attend, please complete and email the proxy to myself. The Zoom information and the financial reports will be sent before the meeting. We sincerely hope you will be able to join us to discuss future plans and reflect on the year past.
The proposed bi-law amendment in regards to adding 10 new memberships needs your vote!!! So far we have only received 12 votes. Therefore, we do not have enough votes for a ruling on this. Please vote if you have not done so. One vote per household or membership. Please simply email Meagan Blackett with a yes or no to before October 30th 2020.  This will NOT be voted on at the AGM.  The board decided to do this as a separate vote. Currently, we have 5 of families on the wait list for next year. This extra capital will possibly allow us to create some exciting additions and maintain our property to a high standard.
Please feel free to email myself, Tom or Meagan Blackett with any questions or feedback in regards to this proposal.
Nancy Bowen
Dues Payment Schedule Change:
Heads up! The timing of our dues will coincide with the SSCA’S date of January 31st. Please pay both at the same time. We hope this will be easier for everyone.
For those of you wishing to contribute to future newsletters you can reach Meagan at
Tennis Committee 2020:
Nancy Bowen – President
Graeme Scott – Vice President
Tom Blackett – Past President
Greg Cunningham – Treasurer
Susan O’Reilly – Secretary
John Weir – Property & Maintenance
Leslie Hayes – SSCA Liaison
Meagan Blackett – Communications
Ernie Kovacs – Member-At-Large