SSTC Lines Information – Courts 1 & 2

Many of you have heard that there are issues with the lines on the new surface on courts 1&2 which were discovered just before completion. On June 29th, David Shaw, the owner of Barber Sports met with Brian Chapman and Peter Murphy (yes it was pouring rain) at the courts to resolve any issues.

The problem is with the white material used for line marking. It was manufactured incorrectly by Astro Turf & is under warranty. Unfortunately this will mean total replacement of the whole surface which will happen in the fall.

We are looking at a solution to provide accurate lines as soon as possible but the surfaces are playable in the meantime.

We realize this is a major inconvenience and are certainly disappointed that it has turned out this way. Barber Sports & the tennis committee apologize but have done their best under the circumstances.

Your patience is appreciated.

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