SSTC Ladies’ Annual Tennis Social – Special Request & Reminder

You’re Invited!

Ladies’ Annual Tennis Social

Date: Friday September 1st

Time: 4pm at the SSCA Dock to boat pool or go direct

Hosted by: Eli Taylor

Where: Chamberlain Island

RSVP: Nancy Bowen to see what you can bring


Ladies, if we have not had a chance to chat, please just bring a SMALL appetizer, dessert, salad or a little extra wine.  Eli will be providing the main and she says she does not even need flowers!  So, disregard previous message re: flower contribution.

We will meet at 4pm at the SSCA dock, or go on your own. I NEED 3 OR 4 SOUTH VOLUNTEERS TO TAXI DRIVE FROM SSCA TO TAYLOR’S PLEASE!!!

I will drive from my dock at 4:15 if the ladies from the North want to go from my dock, please let me know.  “TAXI NORTH” ride suggestions (CONACHER, THOMPSON, KOZA, SINGER (I will pick up), GASKIN, JOHNSON, BELL, SCNEIDER, ROSS, POWELL, ARMSTRONG (get dropped to me or directly at Eli’s or leave boat at my place????)

It is not too late, please RSVP to me asap.

Nancy Bowen
VP SSTC Committee

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