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GBA UPDATE Reader Survey

Dear Members:

The Georgian Bay Association (GBA) is reviewing its options regarding how they communicate with the member association members.

More recently the GBA has augmented its communication strategy to its members by developing a robust website, email notices, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. That said, their main communication vehicle continues to be the printed version of the Update newsletter produced 3 times per year.

At the request of a few GBA Member Associations, who are concerned with postal costs and reducing their “carbon footprints”, GBA is exploring the possibility of replacing the printed newsletter with that of an electronic copy of Update.

To get a better understanding of the views from Update readership, the GBA has developed a short email survey. We ask that you complete this survey at your earliest convenience before February 28th.

Here is the link to the survey: 

The GBA will tabulate the results by Association and provide us and other association members with the findings.

Thank you!


Eric Armour
President, SSCA
416 617 9757

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