Annual Report

2016 Annual General Meeting – July 23, 2016, 10:00am
Held at the Community Center, Frying Pan Island, July 23, 2016, at 10:00 am

Directors Present: Irene Chambers, Stuart Hatcher, Sue Herbold, Bert Leverance, Holly Loell, Gregg Scott, Isabel Treichel, Paul Treichel. Absent: Naomi Campbell, Alicia Campbell, Bill Mooney, Patrick O’Kell, Fred Schweitzer.

Bert Leverance, SSCA Board President, chaired the meeting; Isabel Treichel, SSCA Board Secretary, acted as Secretary. Sixty-six persons signed the attendance sheet.


The chair welcomed attendees to the 113th AGM of the SSCA.  Notice for the meeting had been provided to the membership in the 2015 Yearbook, distributed in spring, 2016, and a reminder of the meeting was sent to members via e-mail prior to the meeting.  The agenda items for the meeting were featured in a PowerPoint presentation created by the Chair and Board members.  The slides accompanying the agenda will be posted in the SSCA website.

2015 AGM MINUTES:  The minutes from the 2015 AGM were distributed to the Association members by e-mail prior to the meeting. (The 2016 yearbook listed on motions from the 2015 AGM.)

MOTION: to approve the minutes of the 2015 AGM by Isabel Treichel, seconded by Sue Herbold; motion carried with no one opposed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Al Stratton summarized the financial report for 2015. The full report is filed with the minutes of this meeting.

MOTION:  by Jamie Westaway, second by Penny Pepperell, to approve the report.  Motion carried with no one opposed.

MOTION: by Al Stratton, seconded by Gregg Scott, to approve the Auditor’s report from Kreston, GTA, for 2015; motion passed with no one opposed.

PROPERTY COMMITTEE REPORT:  Stuart Hatcher reported that work on the deck in front of the dockhouse would begin soon. Replacement of the schoolhouse roof will occur in fall, approximate cost is expected to be around $10,000 and bids for the project are being sought.  The staff  (Brad Carmichael, Steve James) has done an excellent job keeping the property in good condition.

Planning for the new Community Center is on hold until there is resolution on the sale of Henry’s.

ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE:  Sue Herbold summarized Environment Committee activities.  She alerted the membership to the serious problems presented by phragmites, showed a sample of this invasive species to the attendees, and urged members to be alert if phragmites are found and to communicate this information and take steps to eliminate them.

Please note: Samples for water testing must be submitted in Parry Sound on Mondays only and samples must be there by noon.  The SSCA will take samples to Parry Sound on August 8.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Gregg Scott reported that membership is down from last year (378 vs. 405 full memberships, 9 Associate memberships).  He encouraged members to connect with neighbors and friends and encourage them to take out memberships.  He encouraged members to use the electronic payment option.

FIRE AND SAFETY: Bert Leverance summarized information concerning fire zones.  The committee determined that outdated flares can be taken to the OPP for disposal.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Holly Loell reported that the Day Care program now runs from 10 am – 3 pm; the program will continue through August 26. The average daily attendance is nine. She summarized the other SSCA programs: Yoga, Book Club (26 attendees at the last session), Church on the Rock, Sailing club..   A volunteer is needed to take over the Regatta next year.  The final potluck this year is on August 13.

NOMINATIONS:  Sue Herbold announced the selection of Al Stratton to replace David Ashley as Treasurer.

MOTION:  to approve the appointment of Al Stratten as Treasurer, by Eric Armour, second by Nancy Westaway; Motion passed with no one opposed.

GBA:  Two zoning issues (Florence Island and Macey Bay) are to be deliberated by the OMB in the next year.  The GBA opposes development plans and seeks support of their position from the SSCA.

MOTION: to support GBA in its opposition to development of Macey Bay, by John Pepperell, seconded by Sue Herbold, passed with no one opposed.

There were brief presentations by Bob Duncan (GBLT) and David Sweetum (GBA Forever).

TOA:  David Ashley reported that a draft of the Official Plan (OP) is available on the township website and there will be a public meeting on the OP on August 19 at 10:00 am.  New property assessments from MPAC were mailed on July 11, the average increase will be phased in over 4 years.

Gary Joice, the municipal bylaw enforcement officer, spoke briefly about his duties.


MOTION:  By Bertie Liverance, seconded by Jamie Westaway, to approve actions taken by the SSCA Board of Directors during the past year; passed with no one opposed.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am; attendees were invited to attend the members lunch.

Click here for a copy of the 2016 Financial Report.


2015 Annual General Meeting – July 25, 2015, 10:00am


Held at the Community Center, Frying Pan Island, July 25, 2015, at 10:00 am

Directors Present: David Ashley, Naomi Campbell, Irene Chambers, Stuart Hatcher, Sue Herbold, Bert Leverance, Holly Loell, Patrick O’Kell, Carolyn Sherk, Isabel Treichel, Paul Treichel . Absent, Alicia Campbell, Bill Mooney, Fred Schweitzer, Gregg Scott.

Bert Leverance, SSCA Board President, acted as Chair; Isabel Treichel, SSCA Board Secretary, acted as Secretary for the meeting. Seventy members signed the attendance sheet.


The chair welcomed attendees to the 112th AGM of the SSCA. Notice for the meeting had been provided to the membership in the 2015 Yearbook, distributed in spring, 2015, and a reminder of the meeting was sent to members via e-mail a month prior to the meeting. The chair declared the meeting to be regularly called with a quorum present and properly constituted for transaction of business.

The agenda items for the meeting were featured in a PowerPoint presentation created by the Chair and Board members. The slides accompanying the agenda are posted in the SSCA website.

2014 AGM MINUTES: The 2014 yearbook listed on motions passed at the 111th AGM, held on July 26, 2014. The 2015 Yearbook referred members to the full set of minutes on the SSCA website and several copies were posted in the room.

MOTION: Bruce Erickson moved approval, seconded by Sue Herbold; motion carried with no one opposed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: David Ashley, SSCA Treasurer, provided (via PowerPoint) a three-page summary of SSCA finances during 2014 with comparisons to 2013. Highlighted in the report were:

Operating revenues exceeded expenses in 2014 by $8680.

Membership dues are up by $2000 over the amount in 2013.

Yearbook expenses were up $2000 and advertizing revenue was flat. (The negative trend has been reversed in 2015.) Daycare revenue was up, Regatta revenue was up due to more sponsorships and expenses were down. Property expenses were little changed from 2013.

Donations to the Community Centre fund and to the Contingency Fund were up slightly.

MOTION: Sue Herbold moved for acceptance of the report, second by Wally King; motion passed with no one opposed.

ISLAND ODYSSEY: Peter Conacher presented an interesting summary describing the origins of the Island Odyssey.

DOCK HOUSE AND COMMUNITY CENTER PROJECT. Stuart Hatcher spoke on the history of the SSCA property and its buildings, as an introduction to a discussion of plans for a new community center and the progress so far. The MacNamara house has been demolished and the site cleared. Currently, fund raising has reached about 25% of the goal.

ENVIRONMENT: Carolyn Sherk reported that the environment day was a great success with 60 adults and 15 children in attendance. She called for volunteers to help control phragmites.

MEMBERSHIP: Bert Liverance reported that membership is steady, and he led a brief discussion on the benefits that membership provides.

FIRE AND SAFETY: Bert Liverance described the new (in 2015) contract with Northern 911 for responses to fire problems. Fire zones have been redefined and 42 SSCA members (with fire pumps) have volunteered to serve as first responders. The defibulator in the dock house is operational.

PROGRAMS: Holly Loell identified the various SSCA programs—yoga, sailing, bridge, church on the rock, day camp. The 2015 regatta is set for Saturday, August 1.   A volunteer is needed to run the Regatta in 2016. Sue Herbold said that the next potluck was on August 8, with an international theme.

MOOSE DEER POINT NURSING STATION. Connie Foster, nurse at the station, described the services that are available to resident of the area. Cloe Smith, also from the facility, gave a brief presentation about ticks and Lyme’s disease.

GBA and GBLT: There were short presentations by Bob Duncanson and Bill Lougheed on activities in their respective organizations.

TOWNSHIP OF THE ARCHIPELAGO: John Pepperell reported that the 10 year official review was underway, that there were no further developments regarding the changes in funding for OPP services to the Archipelago, and that the usage of the garbage sites was being further evaluated.


Bert Liverance thanked board members and volunteers for their help in making the past year a success, and urged attendees to volunteer to help in the future.

Attendees at the AGM showed great concern upon hearing of Ted Christie’s recent stroke, and his ongoing recovery. They wish to convey to him their heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all of his hard work on their behalf over more than eleven years as councilor of the Township of the Archipelago. Furthermore, they wish to offer their full support to Nancy through these difficult times and unanimously express their hopes for further improvements in Ted’s condition, leading to a full recovery.

MOTION: Bert Liverance moved, and Eric Armour seconded, approval of actions take by the SSCA Board of Directors during the past year. The motion carried with no one opposed.

MOTION: The motion to adjourn was approved.

After the meeting and luncheon, members were invited to attend the rededication of the Champlain Monument.

Click here for a copy of the 2015 Financial Report.

2014 Annual General Meeting – July, 26 ,2014

Click here for a copy of the MINUTES OF THE 2014 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) OF THE SANS SOUCI AND COPPERHEAD ASSOCIATION (SSCA). Click here for a copy of the attendees of the AGM for 2014.

Click here for a copy of the 2014 Financial Report.

2013 Annual General Meeting – July, 27 ,2013

ssca agm pres

Click here for a copy of the presentation provided at the 2013 Annual General Meeting held on Saturday July 27.


Held at the Community Centre, Frying Pan Island, July 27th 2013 at 10 am.

Directors Present: Bert Liverance, David Ashley, Naomi Campbell, Barb Czerny, Carolyn Singer, Helen Notzl, Gregg Scott, Peter Storms, Stuart Hatcher, Susan Herbold, Paul Treichel, Fred Schweitzer,

Absent: Chris Goulding, Craig Losos, Natalie Scott


Bert Liverance, President, acted as Chair and Secretary.

The Chair & President welcomed all attendees to the 110th Annual General Meeting of the Sans Souci and Copperhead Association. As a Notice of the Meeting had been provided to the membership in the spring of 2013, the Chair declared the meeting to have been regularly called and properly constituted for the transaction of business.

The agenda items of the AGM were featured in a PowerPoint presentation created by the S.S.C.A directors.  Following the AGM, the presentation will be posted on the S.S.C.A. website.  Bert Liverance reminded us of our wonderful community and the organizations that are working together to help protect and preserve Georgian Bay.


The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on July 28, 2012 were included in the S.S.C.A. 2013 Yearbook. A motion was made to approve the minutes in the 2013 yearbook. No amendments were suggested to the minutes. Motion carried.


David Ashley, Treasurer for the S.S.C.A. referred to the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2012. These statements were provided to the membership in the spring and will be posted following the AGM on the S.S.C.A. website.

David Ashley moved that the financial statements as presented at the 2013 AGM be approved. Motion carried. He also moved that the SSCA annual dues be increased to $165 per year to compensate for the increased GBA dues and cost adjustment since the last dues increase. Motion carried.


Stuart Hatcher, Chair of the Property Committee, walked through a history of the S.S.C.A. property and structures. He then talked about present condition of the structures, the activities using the property and the demographics of our members.  Stuart recommended that the Property Committee begin a process to analyze the S.S.C.A. property. The Guiding Principles of the analysis are: the structure(s) should be 1) Low Maintenance, 2) Multi-purpose, 3) Multi-generational – structure designed to last 5-10 decades, and 4) Portion of funds raised put in trust for ongoing maintenance. The Process will be transparent, democratic and inclusive. There will be two Committees: Survey Committee and Fund Raising Committee. The Committee will have a Town Hall and Surveys to determine member’s desires and present the findings in 2014.

Stuart moved that members grant the Property Committee the authority to expend contingency funds for planning after due process including establishing member’s consensus and funding interest. The S.S.C.A. board will review the survey results to give approval to expend funds for planning. The Property Committee will present the results at the 2014 S.S.C.A. AGM. Motion carried.


Carolyn Singer, Chair of the Environment committee presented a report on water levels. We have seen 13 years of lower than average water levels on Georgian Bay. Levels were 73cm below average in January (42cm lower than 2012). Heavy rains and snowmelt boosted water levels by 24cm in April and another 13cm in May (3cm below last year’s level but 50cm below long-term average). Currently water levels are below their all-time average but are just above Chart Datum.

The International Joint Commission report released this spring recommended that Canadian and United States governments increase water levels by as much as 25cm over a 10 year period (considering structures in St. Clair River). Climate change has been determined to be the most significant issue (in addition to problems caused by dredging and erosion in Lake St. Clair River). Fluctuating water levels usually benefit wetlands, but the Bay levels have dropped so far for so long that they’ve cut off fish access to about a quarter of Georgian Bay’s wetlands (Pat Chow-Fraser –  McMaster University).

Georgian Bay Forever is raising funds to complete an Economic Impact Study to measure the financial impact of low water levels. Members are encouraged to donate.

Carolyn then shared water quality results.  SSCA volunteers completed water testing in 2010 and 2011 and water quality was found to be very good at all sample locations. Volunteer water testing continues to be completed by the Township of the Archipelago (TOA) at several locations across the Bay (including Sans Souci, Woods Bay and the South Channel).

Members are encouraged to take advantage of free drinking water testing provided by the Ontario government! Test bottles are available at the Dock House. Samples will be boated into Parry Sound. The sample must be taken on the same day! Please drop off samples in the fridge at dock house for pick-up.

Lastly Carolyn shared the TOA Gypsy Moth Study. Since 2003, volunteers in the TOA have assisted Bio forest Technologies with a study to monitor gypsy moth populations. The TOA numbers trapped in 2012 were found to be up 12% from the prior year to the highest levels since 2003, but the company advises that there was no real defoliation apart from a few hot spots.


Naomi Campbell, Chair of the Communications Committee presented a report on the new S.S.C.A Web site. She also announced the Yearbook was sent to members on time this year. Based upon feedback from members we are going to limit the number of emails we send to members.


Gregg Scott, Chair of the Membership Committee presented a report on membership.  We have approximately 450 members.


Fred Schweitzer, Chair of the Fire & Safety Committee shared the Public Health Providers in our area including the phone number, location, days of operation and hours. He recounted a good experience at a Nursing Station. There are first aid supplies in the Dock House including a back board and defibrillator. The defibrillator will talk you through its operation.

The Fire Procedures for 2013 are inclusive from 24/7 Victoria Day to Thanksgiving. The phone for the Fire Coordinator is 705 346-1333. When you call provide your name, phone/cell # and island location including fire zone. After you call the S.S.C.A. Fire Coordinator phone the Ministry of Natural Resources at 705 564-6056. The Fire Coordinator will call those in applicable fire zone, Henry’s and LeBlanc’s.


Holly Loell, Chair of the Program Committee, presented a Day Camp update. The busy time is starting now, so camper numbers should be increasing steadily. The Day Camp will have great themed weeks that include last weeks Nature Week, where the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve education coordinator came to talk about endangered species, played games & brought a live fox snake. Pirates Week included a sailing expedition on a 33’ Nonsuch was a huge success! There are many more exciting themed weeks ahead… such an amazing opportunity for the SSCA Kids!

She shared that there are other great programs & events include: Yoga, Sailing Camp, Potluck Dinners, Book Club, Bridge Club, Paddling Group. Also, ‘In the Works’, we’re working on computer classes & Thai Chi, however the organizing of this has proven to be difficult, so we’ll keep working on this for next year. We’re planning bringing Boot camp back!

The SSCA 67th Regatta will be on Saturday, Aug 3rd, 2013. The rain date is Sunday Aug 4th. The Annual Arts & Crafts Show featuring Georgian Bay related paintings, crafts, photos, poetry & more begins 11:30 a.m. inside the Community Centre. Entries must be dropped off by 9:30 a.m. You can drop of items Friday evening between 5-7 p.m. There will be a Picnic Barbecue Lunch at 12 noon in front of the Community Centre. The Annual Regatta will begin at 12:30 p.m. and include all of your favorite events including: Swimming, Canoe Races, Egg Toss and more. Sponsors & Volunteers are needed. Please contact: Holly Loell at (705) 746-8263


Sue Herbold, Chair of the Nominations Committee, presented a slate of Nominees for the S.S.C.A. Board of Directors: Carolyn Sherk, Patrick O’Kell, Holly Loell, Isabel Treichel. She made a motion to approve all of the proposed nominees and give the S.S.C.A. board the authority to fill the remaining vacancies. Motion carried. She then shared a list of the S.S.C.A. committees and encouraged members to volunteer.


Bert Liverance made a motion to approve all Board Actions for the prior year. Motion carried. He then shared a slide remembering Dave Chantler and Peter Harman. Bert then said thank you to all of the SSCA Volunteers, SSCA Staff, and SSCA Members. We would not be the community we are without you. He moved that the meeting be closed. Motion carried.

After our meeting we had guest presenters from Georgian Bay Forever and Stop the Drop.


David Sweetnam, Executive Director GBF & Georgian Baykeeper, advocated a comprehensive system wide approach “the possibility of operating regulation structures to benefit the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River system as a whole to keep the entire system within observed historical extremes on all lakes under more extreme climate conditions in the future.” The challenges are: it costs money with no upside in terms of potential private-public partnerships and future revenue streams, such as hydroelectric projects have provided in the past. Therefore we need to know the economic impact of inaction. GBF’s economic impact study picked-up as the inaugural bi-national project. It will be conducted by the Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto is leading the study.


Colin Dobell, Executive Director of Stop the Drop, shared the mission of Stop the Drop, ”To establish online-community-based public engagement efforts around the Great Lakes in support of effective long-term action on water levels.” The Phase One Objective of Stop the Drop is to have 15,000 – 20,000 participants by end of summer 2013 including all Bay-users – cottagers (all ages), boaters, renters, occasional users, and shoreline users. We will engage the Public in this issue and continuously gather facts/perspectives from diverse players: Self-paced education, dialogue “stand up and be counted” and mobilization via a “Ladder” of activities.  The goal is to make “Public Opinion” visible and unavoidable to Leaders. Our information will be made available to all “advocates” including: numbers of folks who care, demographic breadth or “carers”, diversity of user type and usage site, and provide visibility where they vote (each level of government)

Click here [SSCA – Financial Statement – Dec 2013] for a copy of the 2013 Financial Report.

Draft Minutes of Meeting
SSCA AGM-July 28, 2012

Directors Present: Bert Liverance, Barb Cerny, Sue Herbold, Paul Treichel, , Eric Armour, Fred Schweitzer, Peter Storms, Gregg Scott
Absent: Chris Goulding, Craig Losos, Nancy Powis, Helen Notzl, Stuart Hatcher, Carolyn Singer, Natalie Scott, David Ashley
SSCA Advisory Board present : John Seagram, Bill McNeill, Sandy Phillips, Ted Christie, John Pepperell, Penny Pepperell, Bob Lee, Sandy Boyd
Absent: Rupert Kindersley

1.Minutes Approved – last year’s AGM ( July 23, 2011)

2. Treasurers Report
– Sue Herbold presented financials which were approved ( report attached)
– David Ashley investigated using paypal for members to pay dues. Will cost $500 setup fee plus 3% user fee. No one present wanted to proceed given these costs.

3. Property
feedback about new staff is excellent
roof on Dockhouse done mid July by Chris Goulding and others

4. Environment
-Eric Armour attended the IJC (International Joint Commission reporting on water levels) where there were 1500 attendees (July 16th)
water level in Georgian Bay has dropped 23 em since 1960s due to:
Isostatic adjustment (geological phenomenon)
-Climate change
-Dredging of shipping channels in St Clair River
-Recent study by Upper Great Lakes Study Board (International Joint Commission) did not recommend implementing multi-lake regulation due to: high costs, environmental concerns and uncertainty about effects of climate  change
-Study recommended creating advisory board to administer management strategy for entire Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River system
comments can be mailed or submitted online be1:ore ::~ ·L 2D”j 2·
-SSCA members encouraged to provide comments . Eric Armour will provide template to do so by end August
-No water testing will be completed in 2012 by SSCA as levels in past 2 years did not show reason for concern and Township of Archipelago will continue their water testing program (e-coli and coli form)
tap water testing planned for Aug 13th( eblast with details to follow)

5. Communications
yearbook was late due to finalizing advertising ( has increased over past year)
– Naomi Campbell to join Board and work with Peter Storms

6. Membership
current members 450
everyone should encourage new members ( brochures in Dockhouse)

7. Fire and Safety
– Fire demonstration cancelled as all MNR hands needed on standby due to extreme threat of fire. Show of hands indicated members would like to reschedule for next year.
-Fred Schweitzer compiled list of where all medical help is available ( to post on website and include in Directory at the front, adding Telehealth Ont number
defibrillator should be identified as such and NOT an AED (as most don’t know what this stands for) and all first aid equipment to be kept in the room beside kitchen in Dockhouse with a large red sign on door. Will remain unlocked at all times.
those wanting to purchase their own should contact Parry Sound EMS for recommendation (approx $2000)

B. Programs
Natalie Scott was away however all running smoothly
-Day Camp having a successful year
spots still available for Aug 8-15 Sailing Camp
– Pot Luck numbers increasing and jazz band huge success
-$850 raised in the latest desert auction to be used to fund extras
next one is Aug 11th Mexican Fiesta theme
– Regatta organized by Greg Cunningham who is looking for a replacement for next year
thanks to Dennis Hauk and George Webster for food and drink donations

9. Nominating Committee
-3 nominations to Board approved: Naomi Campbell to join Communications, Gregg Scott to continue on Membership , Peter Storms to continue on Communications

10. Committees
need new volunteers to help on various committees- will use Facebook to try and recruit (Natalie)

11. Ward 4
Penny Pepperell chaired ad hoc committee last year to assess how the SSCA should deal with municipal election candidates.
The committee recommended :
the Association continue to endorse candidates for municipal office.
the Board should make a concerted and public effort to encourage people who may be thinking of running to come forward and discuss their candidacy with a view to gaining the Association’s endorsement.

the Board should hold all-candidates meetings and otherwise provide the means by which all the candidates can address the members of the Association.
::Municipal election in two years • If you are thinking about running contact pennypepperell@

12. ToA
Ted Christie provided the following information:
Deerhorn Conference not happening this year due to lack of interest. Possibly 2013.
-Parry Sound hospital has introduced fast tracking for non emergency patients- from Mon-Fri (noon-4pm) there is now a separate waiting area and these patients will be dealt with separately from emergency (should reduce  waiting times)
-Increasing bear issues this year with a lot of break ins on Mclaren Island due to bears that are starving
reduced funding of MNR means cottagers will likely have to pay to have bears dealt with -by-law passed to ban feeding of bears ($5000 fine)
concern raised about having no waste disposal open 2 days a week i.e. tues closed everywhere). Ted Christie and Rick Zanussi to review rotating closures so at least one is open.

13. Remy Leblanc– collection took place to help replace $1800 in lost ice cream from boat accident ( eblast to all SSCA members to follow)

14. Other
– Nancy Bowen highlighted efforts of Derek Bowen in setting up webcam at their cottage for all to view the Bay during winter. Will continue this year with additional info about water levels. All appreciate the effort and thanked Derek Bowen.
– Peter Hatcher suggested we make improvements to Dockhouse using Ray Murakami and Ann Johnston ( SSCA members, design team).
member questioned whether there was a strategy in place for the buildings on the property-Bert Liverance stated that it has been undecided due to cost involved and dissension on how to proceed.


Motion carried to close the July 28th, 2012 AGM.